Cyanitecture operates in an industrial loft in Ann Arbor, MI.

Cyanitecture [pronounced "sigh-an-i-tec-ture"] founded in 2012, is a collaborative research based multi-disciplinary design practice. The name "Cyanitecture" gains its provenance through the photographic process known as Cyanotype, a primitive indexical method of documenting light and shadow which was first made prominent by the English botanist, Anna Atkins. Cyanotype images capture light that has traveled between the space of our Sun and its given position on Earth.

Cyanitecture is lead by Jen Harmon. A designer who has embarked on developing an understanding of our terrestrial world and the heavens through various modes of representation. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, her practice is guided by artistic representation, has been groomed in branding and graphic design and rigorously trained by architecture.

At Cyanitecture, all interests are incorporated into a network of interconnected ideas spanning between extremes, alluding to the disparate. It is within the medial spaces where novel and mysterious territories to explore are found. Each project initiated by Cyanitecture is an expedition into revealing and acting upon a spectrum of ideas from the mundane to the extreme. 

Jen Harmon's work as a designer and educator has been heavily influenced by her 10+ years of experience as a creative director overseeing branding and graphic design. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at both Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University and at Taubman College of Architecture at the University of Michigan. During her time at Taubman College, she wrote and taught many studio based courses, drawing courses and seminars which focused specifically on the role of branding in architecture. Her teaching focuses on developing student's representational skills by utilizing graphic communication techniques and visual narratives that inform architectural form. Her research focuses on the nuanced relationships between the rise of industrialization, capitalism and architecture's response to economics and culture with respect to the construction (and demolition) of monumental structures.

Jen Harmon graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art from the University of North Florida in 1994, and completed her Masters Degree in Architecture with distinction from the University of Michigan in 2005. She was the recipient of the James Jeas and Taubman Fellowships and was awarded the 2005 Thesis Award. Her work has been exhibited in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Columbus, New Orleans, Orlando and Detroit. Among her achievements, she was awarded the inaugural Graham Foundation Fellowship for Architects at the MacDowell Colony in 2010. In 2014 she was awarded Monica Ponce de Leon's Research on the City Grant at the University of Michigan.

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